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Are you interested in shooting an advertising video, a tour of the property, a recording of a sports or social event? With the Inspire 2 movie drone, we conjure up amazing shots. In image quality up to 6K. And from an unusual point of view. All shots will then go through professional post-production, and we will tune the video according to the assignment.

  • Aerial shots for film and advertising, up to 6K
  • Aerial photographs for advertising and presentation purposes, panoramic tours
  • Postproduction, professional data processing


Lidar RGB Lidar výškový profil Lidar reflectivity Termická inspekce střechy Termický pohled na únik tepla Termická inspekce komínu

Service info

If you are interested in industrial footage, altitude inspection, 3D mapping, monitoring of large areas, security, thermal scans, inspection of solar and wind farms, search for lost people.

  • Industrial altitude inspection
  • 3D & 2D mapping
  • LiDAR scany
  • Search for lost people

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